Your Sickness is Affecting Your NPTE Score

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and the vibe was off? Maybe you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you knew something didn’t feel right. If not, have you ever been near someone and they had a very negative aura around them? I know I have. Some people call this your intuition, some call it your subconscious mind, and some call it energy. No matter what you decide to call it, the fact of the matter is this is a real situation. We all have angels and we all have demons. Some of us may have more negativity than positivity that surrounds us. In result, we end up trying to swim upstream in a river that continuously flows downstream. Trust the vibes that you feel. If it doesn’t feel right, you are probably right.

You may find yourself in an environment that just exudes toxicity but be oblivious to the consequences. I know many of us are familiar with something people call karma. It is this idea that what goes around comes around. However, I think this is also synonymous to the adage that you reap what you sow. If you are in an environment that is detrimental to your growth, it is time to change that. Many times, we are subject to being blind, due to the view we possess in our comfort zone. When inside of it, our level of comfortability can prevent us from realizing we are in a counterproductive environment. This is where being a product of your environment can be shown as true. After some time, we are living proof of how our surroundings have engineered us to look. In order to align ourselves with success and fulfillment, we must first get to the root of our problems. I think many of us would see the problem is in our environment.

Your surroundings can become so lethal that it slowly starts to kill your drive. Before you know it, you are going through life blaming everyone and everything for your failures and shortcomings. They say pointing the finger does nothing because you always have fingers pointed back at you. So be real with yourself for a moment. Did you really come this far to only get this far? Do you really want to win like you say you do? How can you possibly reach the promised land of your dreams without being in the right environment? Though many things can contribute to your success, your atmosphere is one of the most important of them. In author Robert Greene’s best-selling book 48 Laws of Power this is shown in law number ten. The law states, “Infection: avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.” These types of people will exude the type of things you don’t need in your life. Unhappiness is a sickness that can lead to many other complications. I want you to avoid this at all costs to ensure you don’t develop these problems.

There is nothing that we can expect to acquire when connected with people who can taint you. They taint you with their fears, misery, and insecurities. They project all these things on you, and this can lead to you being infected with this sickness. Being in a bad setting can suffocate you; it can cause you to miss out on countless opportunities. The level of harmfulness that can be aroused can directly cause you to physically become sick. Think back to a time where you were in an atmosphere that promoted this. Maybe you were constantly being berated and ridiculed and the stress got to you. The stress got so bad, that in turn you ended up becoming sick. Be careful, this is real stuff. Understand to pass the NPTE, you must continuously place yourself in a setting that will elevate your positivity and confidence. Make it your mission to immerse in atmospheres that provide you the best chance of passing your exam. This means people that speak positively to you, help you study, or even just provide moral support when needed. Once you are in this kind of environment, you will continue to thrive so that you can pass your NPTE. Flowers need to be embedded in the right soil and have the right nutrients to flourish. The same thing is true for me and you. Keep this in mind and keep in mind this quote by Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian, “Never open your door to the least of misfortunes, for, if you do, many others will follow in its train…do not die of another’s misery.” Food for thought, you do the dishes.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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