This Story Changed Something Inside of Me Today

In the rapids of South America, there is a unique stone. This stone is valuable to the people there, but it also valuable to you and your journey to becoming a clinician. When the stone is cracked open, there are black and green crystals. The people in South America use them for bracelets and necklaces, so you can imagine how precious the stone is to them. They go to extreme measures to get the stone and retrieve the crystals. Relentlessly the people try to crack the stone open, but it won’t work. However, the fierce and powerful rapids eventually can get the job done. You must stop and just marvel at the beauty of nature and what is possible. Because how is it that the water can crack the stone, but the people can’t?

This is not another feel good story to simply tell you don’t quit. This is a story to expose you to who you really are, as you prepare to take the NPTE. The rapids in the story are synonymous to each one of you reading this. You read this story, and it may be easy to think the stone was cracked open by the rapids. This is a fair assessment, but I need you to go deeper than this. Although the rapids are responsible, please understand that there are different kinds of rapids. Also keep in mind that the stone can symbolize an obstacle in your way. For the sake of this discussion, the stone represents the NPTE. Once you crack it open, you are on your way to finally becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Some of you will be the rapids that hit the stone crack it open and go on to reap the rewards of your perseverance. Others will be the rapids that hit the stone and get stuck for awhile before they can move on.

Either way you want to look at it, this story is a beautiful representation of what perseverance can do in your life. Take a second and really tell yourself something positive. Recognize that you are closer to your dream today than you were yesterday. Just keep swimming. When obstacles come, it should excite you. Because this is a magnificent opportunity to show your resiliency and drive. Everything you have worked so hard to accomplish is on the other side of this obstacle. You have come miles from being a pre-PT and you deserve to be here. If I can believe that about you, there’s no reason why you can’t believe. It does not matter how many times there is an obstacle in the way; you will prevail each time. The size of the stone is irrelevant compared to the size of your heart. We can measure height; we can measure weight, but we can’t measure heart. For this very reason, you must become self-aware of the power you possess within yourself.

The rapids that can crack the stone know what they are capable of, and therefore they persevere. Use your imagination and think of the many times you cracked the stones in your life. Was it the exam you didn’t think you would pass? Or is it the interview for school you had doubts about? Inside your creative mind, you can recollect times where you overcame resistance. If this was not the case, you would not be in this position now. Good things don’t come to those who wait, that’s bullshit. Good things come to those who persevere. Bleed persistence and internalize perseverance because the NPTE has nothing on you. This year go get everything you want; your time is now.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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