The Most Expensive NPTE Mistake of Your Life

You’re not the boss of me. What could make you think you could tell me what to do with my life? This is one of the thoughts that crossed the mind of the rebellious adolescent. You see, within all of us lies a defiant being. Transitioning from a child to a young adult, here lies the point where this feeling of rebelliousness rears its head. We feel the need to do the opposite of what our parents tell us. We await the thrill that comes from doing something unconventional. For however long as this cycle continues, we build something valuable for future usage. Even the most negative things have some positivity attached to them. Every failure has a lesson in it; this lesson I’m going to share is of the utmost significance.

This is especially important for you as you prepare to take the NPTE. As you prepare for the biggest exam of your life, you will be tested along the way. This will come in different forms, and each will have its own level of difficulty. There will be times your discipline is tested. Your friends or family may want you to go out with them. It sounds enticing, but you know there is studying that you must do. Also, there will be times when you take a practice test and don’t get the score you expected. Your ego will be hurt, and your dream will seem further than it was before. In these very times, you must pick up what’s left of your vision and continue to grind.

With that being said, let’s focus on the value that comes from our past rebelliousness. The hidden gem you need is related to the tests that I mentioned you will face. It is because of the peer pressure you will face on your journey. You must embrace that old rebellious adolescent state of mind. This is what will catapult you to go against the grain. You will be able to turn down anything that does not contribute to your success. Most importantly, there will be no desire to let your peers determine your test date. Many times, I have seen this story. A student decides to take the NPTE with their friends even if they don’t feel ready. It should not be this way. Your future and well-being are on the line. There is no honor in rushing to pass.

The warrior lost the battle not because he was ill equipped; he lost the battle because he rushed into it on the orders of his peers, instead of orders from his general. In this battle to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you are the general. The date the test is taken should be up to the individual who is taking it. Don’t leave it up to family, friends, or even a job that is applying pressure. It is a lot harder to recover psychologically from failing a test once than to just take it when you are ready. The road to success is bumpy and unpredictable. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is change. Look at the NPTE as the final traffic light before the destination. Change has occurred plenty times of a long the way. The biggest change starts from within. Realize that the stakes are high, and you need to move to the beat of your own drum. Take the exam when you are ready and not a minute before. Success is calling, will you answer?

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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