The Bread & Butter of The Perfect NPTE Score Formula

Isn’t it crazy how much technology has transformed the world? Many things I remember doing as a child would be considered outdated today’s younger generation. The same traditions and standards set by previous generations seem to fade away into the abyss. In a world where we are dominated by technology, we are struggling to piece things together. Time passes, generations progress and yet some things still seem to slip through the cracks. The blame could be placed on negligence; it can be placed on an inability to recognize the value in certain things.

Hopefully I didn’t lose you and if I did, allow me the opportunity to pull you back in. Let’s turn back the clock, turn it back to a much simpler and slow-paced time. I’m thinking before young children walked around with high tech cell phones. I also reflect to a time where we were able to hold meaningful conversations with other people because we weren’t stuck with our faces in our iPhone. Truthfully, I understand times have changed and will continue to do so. So, we are faced with two options: adapt to the changes in society or get left behind and become outdated.

One thing that I remember from my childhood is putting together puzzles. This was one of the most complex, yet entertaining things at the time. The unique thing about puzzles is they never make sense right away. However, as you progress with it, it starts to make more and more sense. You look for the clues among the puzzle pieces to help you put the whole thing together. Each part must be strategically placed together with its matching piece to successfully finish the puzzle. Every individual piece was a clue that helped you solve it. Now, I want you to think about your studying for the NPTE. The different concepts that you are going over, these are the pieces of the puzzle. Putting everything together piece by piece helps you see the bigger picture.

When you study, I need you to look for the clues. Look for the parts of the material that help lead you to the answer for the various questions. This will tremendously help with your study efficiency. The bread and butter of studying for the exam is using this method. From this point on, I want you to look at all your content as pieces to the puzzle. Pay attention to the context of things and make those connections where necessary. The amazing thing is that everything you need is already at your disposal. Follow the clues to the right answer. With this strategy of following the clues, you can’t lose. Remember you are the answer sheet, and you make the NPTE, not the other way around. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. So, use every clue and link it together to make you a formidable foe to conquer this exam.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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