One Perspective Changed That Got Me A Perfect Score on My NPTE

People always wonder, “How did Dr. Rice get a perfect score on his NPTE?” They think it could be due to luck or relentless studying, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. Behind every successful man and woman, there is more than meets the eye. We attribute their level of achievement to sleepless nights, getting dealt the better hand in life, or making certain sacrifices along their journey. We will never be able to fathom the full extent of what people endured to get to the position they are in. However, I think everyone can agree on one thing. Success leaves clues. This must mean there is something all successful people have in common.

So, again you may ask, ““How did Dr. Rice get a perfect score on his NPTE?” Let me provide you some insight. The reason that Dr. Rice was able to get a perfect score was because of a change in perspective. The problem that so many of us run into is that we look at things the wrong way. You have heard before that there are two types of perspectives in the world. The first looks at the glass as half full while the other looks at it as half empty. Both parties are correct in their observation. Although they are both correct, one perspective is harmful, and one is beneficial. If there is anything to be learned from this, it should be that it is essential to focus on the glass being half full. This allows focus on positivity instead of negativity.

Many times, people focus so much on the negatives. We don’t realize how every time we do this, we are dimming our light. How can you expect to shine when you keep dimming your own light? Find something in your life that you are not happy about, and I can tell you how to find happiness in it. There is a glimpse of hope in every situation. For someone, they don’t like the many hours required for their clinical rotation. Every morning they wake up and think, “I have to do my clinicals today.” There are so many pre-PT students who are dying for this opportunity to come along. Remember at one point you were that pre-PT as well. You had to start somewhere to get to where you are today. Keep those humble beginnings in mind. They help to keep you grounded during hard times. I am not saying every day will be a good day because that is not true. However, our life would look much different with a switch in perspective and a change in word usage.

“I have to do my clinicals today,” said the student who is pessimistic and just ready to be done with this part of the journey. “I get to do my clinicals today,” said the student who was optimistic and grateful for being where they are in their journey. As difficult as the journey becomes, never lose sight of what is important and where you came from. The difference between being in a positive state of mind versus negative was one word. We never realize how truly powerful the mind and tongue can be. This also applies to what I mentioned about every day not being a good one. Just because you didn’t have a good day, it does not mean it was bad. Instead of looking at it as a bad day, think of it as a character-building day. That sounds a lot better and soothing to the mind. Dr. Rice was able to get a perfect score because he chose to look at the glass as half full. The decision is yours. Will you continue to look at your glass as half empty or as half full?

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