I’ve never wanted something this bad. I remember all the hard work I put in. The countless hours of studying, the numerous rejections to social outings, and many more things compose the sacrifices I had to make. It wasn’t always easy, but now as I am on the brink of a new journey; I see that the sacrifices were worth it. The finish line has never felt as near as it does now. Everything that I thought would break me, brought me to this point. This must be the feeling LeBron had when he captured his first championship. Maybe, it’s closer to the feeling Tiger experienced when he won the Masters Tournament after a fourteen-year drought. Similar to him, I felt down and out many times. Some days I was hopeless. Some nights I spent sleepless. There seemed to be a never-ending cycle of things going wrong.

Any normal human being would give up after a while. I mean, let’s be realistic here. It takes a special type of person to endure pain and turn it into something positive. These people get to enjoy a life of promise and fulfillment. These are the influencers, leaders, and role models of tomorrow. These people are people just like us. Think about the trials and tribulations you have experienced while in school. If you were weak minded, surely you would not have made it to this point. I am fully confident in this. The fact that you have made it to this point tells me how special you are. The best lessons come from the valley lows. These are the very things you reflect on when you get to the mountain tops.

Whether you fail or you pass, this exam does not make you. Congratulations to everyone who passed because you have reached the finish line. However, congratulations to those of you who didn’t pass. You have reached a crossroad that can prove to be a significant part of your story. Have you ever noticed some of the most successful people had a major failure occur in their life? Failure gives you two choices. You can lay down and let it burn you, or you can rise from the ashes like the phoenix. As much as we would like to think so, we are not always in control. The Creator is the ultimate Author of our book of life. The sooner we realize this, the better equipped we will be. No one likes to be defeated, but don’t dwell in defeat.

Temporary defeat leads to permanent success. Your capabilities are endless, and your potential is limitless. Keep working and stay committed. You may not have passed now and that is alright. Things do not happen in our time. They happen in God’s time. It is not a matter of “if” you will become a physical therapist. It is only a matter of “when” you become a physical therapist. Bet on yourself every time. Even when the road is rough, it will smooth out eventually. You came far, and the finish line is still nearby. Take a step back, reassess, and recharge your mind and spirit. Greatness is upon you, and it’s time to act like it.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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