I Wish I Knew This When I Was In PT School or Preparing For The NPTE

During the storm, the captain needed direction to find his destination. He had come this route many times before, but every time he had used a map or a compass for navigation. This time was much different though. As the boat rocked back and forth in the rough ocean, his compass fell over board and the map became drenched. The things he relied on were now of no use to him. If he was going to navigate his way through this storm, he would need a miracle. The truth is he didn’t need a miracle; he just needed to calm the storm that was going on internally. By doing this, he would be able to directly calm the storm on the outside. He took a deep breath and thought about his mentor. This mentor always seemed to provide a surplus of knowledge and advice with purpose. The captain remembered the story his mentor told him about his favorite book The Alchemist.

This book was near and dear to the heart of the captain’s mentor. In fact, he gave the captain a copy of the book to take with him on his journey. The basis of the book told a story of how a young man named Santiago went on a journey to find treasure. He endures obstacles a long the way, and at the end of the story he realizes his treasure was where he first started the journey. The captain thought about this and went to pick up the book for inspiration. Out of the book, fell a duplicate map and a paper with instructions for where a spare compass was on the ship. The captain learned a valuable lesson that day. There is nothing wrong with feeling lost, because when you are lost you expose yourself to the problem but also to the solution.

I look at this story and it is refreshing to see your journey as you study for the NPTE. There are plenty of times when you study, and you may be doing well. Then. there are other times when you study, and you may be having a difficult time and feel lost. The crazy thing is that this is where you will be able to find a new strength. It is okay to feel lost and it is okay to need help. When you study and you are lost, this allows you to self-assess and find your weakness. You can take a step back for a moment and see the trail leading to where you started to get lost. Your focus can then make a transition. You will go from trying to mastering the specific area you are lost in and will be able to focus on the things leading up to that point. This basically sets up a track of mastery and progression. So, don’t feel discouraged when you are lost. Don’t just focus on the concept that has you lost. Take ten steps back and make sure you understand the concepts leading up to that specific one. I have no doubt when you do this you will maximize your efficiency. Trust the process and commit to the work. Execute this and you can’t lose. You’ll see you were once lost, but now you’re found.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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