How to Create N.P.T.E. Confidence

The best is yet to come for you. Every goal and dream that you have will come to fruition and you will have a life of fulfillment. Your relationships will flourish, things will not be perfect, but overall, life will be what you always dreamed about. These are the type of things I always feel obliged to remind myself of. Truthfully, these are the kind of thoughts that help me to keep pushing along. Someone once said that death has got to be easy because life is hard.  I don’t think they were far off when they made this statement. I mean life has knocked us all down at some point, and whether we can admit it or not, sometimes it is extremely difficult to get up. When life gives us lemons, we often get so caught up in the sourness of the lemons that we forget we can make lemonade. Perception is what gives us the ability to think beyond the bitterness. It allows us up to become engineers that design and structure our lives.

I remember the insecurities I faced. I remember the mental battles I overcame. Most importantly, I remember what I can achieve. The only true roadblock to my success is the ones I allow myself to believe are there. Don’t be deceived, the same thing applies to you. I found out this one secret that changed everything for me. This one secret help enriched my relationships, presented me with more opportunities, and improved my happiness in life. The secret was that I needed to develop the ability to believe in myself. I had to work on my confidence. It was evident that there is a direct correlation, the more confident a person becomes, the better their efficiency becomes in the various aspects of their life. For your confidence to grow, you must work on yourself continuously. The lack of confidence I once had, arose from the level of complacency in my life. When you allow yourself to get comfortable, you indirectly tell your subconscious mind there is no more room for growth. This can backfire on us.

For example, when you become surrounded with people that seem to have a lot going for themselves, you may feel inferior. Our stagnancy is what will lead to these sorts of feelings. To combat that, we must chase self-progression at all costs. The common mistake that we all make at some point is focusing too much on perfection. This is a flawed way of thinking. Instead of pursuing perfection, which does not exist, let us pursue self-progression. On the other side of self-progression is a confidence that is unmatched. It’s grave that you to tap into this confidence while preparing for your N.P.T.E.  How do you think Dr. Kyle Rice was able to get a perfect score on the exam? Without a doubt, it was confidence. Elevate your level of confidence in yourself. This may mean doing affirmations in the morning, listening to positive podcasts, or reading the right books. Think about getting in some good exercise to help as well. 

Either way you look at it, your success will happen at a more rapid pace when you have a high amount of confidence in your arsenal. As hard as it is to believe, standardized testing is more about your mentality than memorizing a bunch of information. A confident student is a formidable foe to any interview or test. I know it’s tough to think this is really the recipe to your success but take it from someone who knows. The days of you saying you are not ready for the N.P.T.E. is behind you. These are the days of saying the N.P.T.E. is not ready for you. If you have made it this far through the blog, I know that you are a winner. Winners exude the ultimate confidence. If you lacked it before, let this be the beginning of a new era in your life. This will be the era where you see things start to come together. Set big goals and go accomplish all of them. Stand firm and believe in yourself. Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off. 

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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