Dominate Your Procrastination

Have you ever thought about where the most dreams and goals lie? I mean think about it for a second. Where do you think the greatest population of goals, dreams, and wishes can be found? Is it in our hearts, minds or souls? No that’s not it. Most goals and dreams share the same common ground in the cemetery. The sad truth is many people die with many regrets. Part of these regrets is not chasing their wildest imagination and trying to accomplish the things they could have. They lived a life of fear and comfortability. They may have lived a life where they chose to stay in their comfort zone and play it safe. Many of us are guilty of the same thing. Fear cripples us and before long, we are years down the road. At this point, we think about how fast time and has gone by, and we take notice to the many things left unfinished.

This is not the life we should live and this not the legacy we should want to leave. Regardless of the turmoil life will bring continuously, it is within our best interest to adapt. Our adaptation must be regarding being open to change. This allows us to manifest our consciousness into a state of accessibility that longs for change. In turn, we learn to embrace change because within the confines of it is the very thing that can cure or curse us. All the lessons change can teach us helps build us up and break us down throughout life. The strong survive and allow themselves to be broken down in order to be restructured. One thing is for certain every individual must walk the path that is uniquely designed for them. The thing about change and fear is that they play a major factor in procrastination.

Procrastination is the predominant culprit that prevents many people from reaching certain milestones in life. At some point, we have all procrastinated. From waiting the night before to study for a test, to putting off making a phone call, or not taking care of a certain task, there is a wide variety of procrastination. A wise man once told me proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. This is a critical thing we often overlook. A lot of the opportunities you think you deserve and didn’t get is your fault. You weren’t properly prepared for them. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. So that when these opportunities come around, we have already primed ourselves to take advantage. In order to master this worthy foe, we must first conquer the reasoning behind why we procrastinate. This is very important.

To solve a problem, you must get to the root of it. Many of us procrastinate out of fear. We fear failure and we fear something called imposter syndrome. With imposter syndrome people believe that they are not the person that can accomplish certain goals. It is a truly unfortunate thing that we must all learn to master. Imposter syndrome causes us to doubt our accomplishments and results in our confidence being harmed. Your confidence is the center of what fuels you to be able to live your best life. Once this is hurt, you must dig deep within yourself to reinforce positivity and motivation. Always keep in mind you are your biggest asset. Overcoming procrastination is easier said than done. However, though difficult it is not impossible. Don’t allow yourself to live a life filled with regrets. Face your fears and gain victory over them. Allow yourself to be the best you can be and get the upper hand on procrastination. This will be the difference between you retaking the NPTE and finally becoming a doctor of physical therapy. Dominate your procrastination once and for all. There are a lot of things in life you can get back, but time is not one of them. Let me consult you and say don’t put off things you can take care of now. Procrastination is the thief of time. Ultimately, the loss of time will equal missed opportunities and unaccomplished goals. I know you are better than that and I want you to prove me right. Take absolute and full control of your life and you will always be victorious.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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