Collecting Your Reward

Fight like hell for your dream! You’ve been in school for too long, and I know you’re sick and tired of going through the motions. It’s time to become the doctor you have worked so hard to become. If dreams are the seedlings of reality, the fruit of your labor is about to blossom. Many successful people, both past and present, could feel victory before it came to them. My wish is that you will feel the same way before you pass your NPTE. I hope that the word “PASS” becomes engrained in your mind. Within the captivity of your mind, you must harbor your thoughts that reflect a winner. Because this is the embodiment of who you are.

This is the epitome of what is soon to be your greatest accomplishment this far. It is up to you to go after what is yours. No one can do it for you or want it as bad for you. You must embrace the pain you have felt over the last several years. For some people, the pain may run deeper than it does for others. Maybe the loss of a friendship or relationship took an emotional toll on you. Perhaps, there was a certain topic that you struggled with tremendously. The typical financial humbling that is associated with school could have also played a factor. All of that has now lost its relevancy. It is in your best interest to put it behind you and focus on what is ahead. In front, there is a prize that is more satisfying than you could fathom.

This prize is the zenith of all the hard work that each one of you have put in over the years. There is nothing better than seeing your dreams manifest before your very eyes. Confidence radiates from the inner core of winners. It took time for them to get to this point though. You see, there are two paths every person has to choose between. The first path can lead to a road of fulfillment and accomplishments. The second path is full of misery and regret. The two paths are linked by the particular choice that needs to be made at that point. To get to the path of fulfillment, one must continuously work on developing themselves. Here is the path that leads to passing the NPTE. Every milestone you set for yourself is within reach.

It is up to you to be relentless in the pursuit of the goal. There are no handouts for the NPTE. Whatever score you want; you must work for it. Awaken your inner dreamer from the long slumber. It is time to wake up! Claim your dream and relish in it. I believe it is well deserved after years of perseverance. Persist a little more; the finish line is near. Do not allow thoughts of doubt to overshadow the hard work you have done. It’s time to get a return on your investment. Collect your reward, it’s about damn time.

-Karl Bourne, Lead Blog Writer

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