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Stanley Reed is a graduate of the University of St. Augustine's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Dr. Reed had taken other review courses in the past that focused primarily on content and knowledge, but it just wasn't enough for him. Stanley tells how working with NPTE Prep Success was the TOTAL package that addressed; knowledge, application, accountability, confidence/mindset and test-taking strategy. He states that he is now the biggest advocate of NPTE Prep Success for students who need more than just a traditional review course. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Stanley Reed!

Julie Tolento is a graduate of the University of Hartford's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Dr. Tolento was a great student in PT school but had difficulty overcoming the NPTE. After speaking with her parents about her next step after her first failed attempt, she decided to apply for NPTE Prep Success Coaching. She knew that she needed 1-on-1 help from an expert with a structured and all-inclusive program. Dr. Tolento entered her next NPTE with the greatest confidence she has ever had on a standardized exam. Outcome = SHE DOMINATED IT! Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Julie Tolento!

Kristy Angell is a graduate of Campbell University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program class of 2017. She was referred to Dr. Rice initially by former classmates who had success with Kyle Rice's Coaching Program. During her time with Individualized Masterminds, she learned that passing isn't just about learning as much as you can. It's about being "quality focused" and being open to addressing other factors that impact NPTE scores, such as anxiety. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Kristy Angell!

Constanza Aranda is a graduate of University of Central Florida's Doctor of Physical Therapy program class of 2018. She was referred to Dr. Rice initially after her professor said, "Kyle is the only one who can help you pass this exam". Despite difficulties with her school's exit exam, she was able to CRUSH her NPTE on the first try after getting the one-on-one coaching that guided her in the right direction. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Connie Aranda!

Casey Coleman is a graduate of Andrews University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Casey was introduced to Dr. Rice after a sensational podcast episode about NPTE preparedness. Casey states that Dr. Rice's one-on-one coaching methods are superior to the traditional generalized review course that many students go through. Casey states that he is glad that he learned not only the knowledge and application but the test-taking strategies and mindset hacks that allowed him to pass without any issues on his first try. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Casey Coleman!

Savannah Noelle is a graduate of University of Saint Augustine's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. She knew that for her, preparing for the NPTE was going to take a different approach than the traditional review classes. She learned of Dr. Rice's unique lecturing style, structure program, and one-on-one coaching and knew that this was the key to her success. Dr. Noelle states "...if I didn’t take this class, I don’t think I would've ever passed it or even come close." WELL GLAD WE FOUND EACH OTHER BECAUSE YOU FREAKING PASSED!! Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Savannah Noelle!

Monica Perez is a graduate of University of St. Augustine's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. She was entering the field in order to combine PT with her extensive pilates background. Despite her desires to become a PT, the NPTE kept her from fulfilling her dreams. She heard about the effectiveness of Dr. Rice's coaching from a close friend who worked with him and passed. So she took the leap. Despite all of her anxiety and fear, she credits her one-on-one coaching sessions and direction as the reason she was able to overcome her internal fears of failing and PASS THE NPTE. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Monica Perez!

Matthew Villegas is a graduate of Touro University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Matt was introduced to Dr. Rice through a progressive physical therapy community called Smart Success Physical Therapy. Despite Matt's prior struggles with standardized exams, anxiety, and long hours at his clinical before the NPTE, he was able to DOMINATE on his first try. Dr. Villegas credits Dr. Rice's one-on-one coaching, tailored NPTE preparation plan, and individualized guidance to his ultimate success on the NPTE. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Matt Villegas!

Patrick Schultze is a graduate of Campbell University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program Class of 2017. He was referred to Dr. Rice initially after his sister who was searching for NPTE coaches with great success found The PT Hustle on Facebook. Patrick was at first unmotivated but with his family's support, they encouraged him to get personalized coaching. In less than 10 weeks after starting coaching, Patrick increased his confidence, motivation, and increased his NPTE score by 100+ points. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. Patman Schultze!

Lauren Mueller is a graduate of Northern Arizona University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program Class of 2017. Despite her great grades in PT School, she was having difficulty passing the NPTE. She tried studying in groups, studying solo, and review courses. She encountered several heart-warming and informational videos put out by Dr. Rice on Facebook. She was initially searching for a coach or tutor to help her PASS the NPTE and when she found several great reviews of The PT Hustle online she decided to jump on a free phone call to learn more. She realizes now that she has made the best investment in helping her pass the NPTE. Welcome to HustleHeros Dr. L. Millz !

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